What is a synthetic paper?

It is a plastic material that resembles paper but has the durability and waterproofness of plastic.

Are your products waterproof?

Yes, all of them are except for PFX which is a tri-lam with a paper core. PFX resists water spills and has high tear resistance however it cannot be submerged in water.

How do I go about choosing the best product for my application?

First, refer to our "Application & Usage Reference" menu, located at the top of the web site. Second, you can contact us with the particulars of your application and we’ll narrow it down to 1 or 2 products.

I want to try a variety of your products but I don’t want to have to buy 50 sheets of each. How can you help me?

"Starter Kits" are available at a 30% savings. Please follow this link to go to our Starter Kits: Durómeda Starter Kits

If you are interested in testing one particular product on your printer, please contact us.

Do your products run on all laser printers?

If maintained properly most desktop laser printers will run our products. We will be detailing test results on a variety of printers, both older models and new releases, in the near future.

What paper settings should I use on my laser printer?

We recommend using “transparency”, “medium wt paper”, or “heavy paper” for DPM and SFX products.  As you go up in the paper weight setting the fuser will increase in temperature. PFX-7.7 requires a lower heat setting to avoid creating “blisters” caused by retained moisture in the paper core – use “medium wt paper” or even lower heat settings for PFX-7.7. Settings are not alike for all laser printers. We are constantly testing our products on a variety of printers and will report our recommendations on the site.  If you have any specific questions please contact us.

Can I nail or staple your products to something?

For optimum results use SFX and its unrivaled notched tear strength.

Can you supply custom sheet sizes? How about rolls?

Yes, we accept custom orders for non-standard sheet sizes. Certain minimums may apply. We stock 19 ¾” wide rolls on 6” core for Xeikon users. Other roll sizes are available by special order on either 3” or 6” cores. Let us know what you need and we’ll get right back to you with a solution!

Do you offer sheets that are pre-die cut or perforated for custom applications?

We will be offering pre-die cut and perforated sheets in the near future. If you need more immediate service for your particular application please contact us.

Do you have any pressure sensitive laser printable synthetic papers?

We will be offering pressure sensitive versions in the near future. If you need more immediate service for your particular application please contact us.

Do any of your products run on iGen or NexPress digital presses?

Yes, our top-coating is suitable for both

Do any of your products run on HP Indigo presses?

By special order any of our products can be supplied with certified HP Indigo top-coating.

I would like to carry your products. Do you sell through distributors?

Yes, we are open to setting up distributors / VARs. Please contact us with the particulars and we’ll get in touch with you.