Durómeda's line of custom banner and sign hardware.

  • Yard Stakes for Banners (Angle Iron Version)

    Yard Stakes for Banners (Angle Iron Version)

    Our angle iron version of the yard stakes for our SFX-6.3 banner product. Use this special display hardware, designed specifically for Duromeda's banners, to make your display a success. The hardware lets you display one or two banners simultaneously on a single set of stakes. The stakes are made from iron and painted black.
  • Yard Stakes for Banners

    Yard Stakes for Banners

    Our standard version of the yard stake for our SFX-6.3 banners. Each stake is made from iron, painted black, and customized specifically for the Duromeda banners. You can attach one or two banners on each set of stakes. The banner stakes come in sets of two. Two sizes are available: 42" and 58".
  • Vertical Banner Display Stand

    Vertical Banner Display Stand

    We offer a unique solution for your indoor banner display. Our custom black, iron vertical display stand will make any indoor or outdoor banner display look professional and attractive. The stand can accommodate two vertical banners, and is designed to fit banners both 8.5"x48" and 12"x48" in size.
  • Insertion Bases for Banner Stakes

    Insertion Bases for Banner Stakes

    Use our custom insertion bases for horizontal banner displays both indoors and outdoors on flat, hard surfaces. Our bases come in a set of two.