Specialty Products

  • Wall Mural

    Wall Mural

    Durómeda's Wall Mural, part of our line of specialty products. Available in White (4.7 mil thickness) or Clear (2.7 mil thickness). With our special Microsphere adhesive, you can apply the sheets to an indoor wallboard surface. You can also remove and re-position the sheets as many times as you would like, with no damage done to the wall surface! Sheets available in 12X18 and 11X17 sizes.
  • Re-Usable Sign

    Re-Usable Sign

    Durómeda's "Re-Usable Signage System". A new, unique, and economical signage solution!

    Using a combination of our "Sign-On" print face and our "Sign-Off" placard, you can create a sign that is re-usable again and again! The "Sign-On" material is our DPM-4.7 laser printable white polyester along with a custom formulated pressure sensitive adhesive and our unique custom stay-flat release liner. The "Sign-Off" placard is a plastic material that has a surface designed to adhere to the "Sign-On" pressure sensitive adhesive, but then allows for easy and clean removal of the "Sign-On" sheet.

    DISCLAIMER: This product has been tested for consistent use in indoor settings, however use of this product in outdoor environments, with use of cold laminator, is limited to 1 week at this time. Team Durómeda is currently working to extend outdoor performance.

  • Window Decal

    Window Decal

    Durómeda's Window Decal.
  • Banner Ups® Crystal Clear Mini Power Tabs

    Banner Ups® Crystal Clear Mini Power Tabs

    An alternative to grommets, Banner Ups® are a great compliment to Durómeda's SFX-6.3 Banner. Using one Power Tab in each corner, along with a hole punch tool, you can easily prepare your banner for use. These Power Tabs will last both indoors and outdoors for an extended period of time, under rough weather conditions, and under average tension.