Helpful Hints

We hope you find the “Application & Usage References” (by category) useful in determining the right Durómeda Synthetic Paper for your particular application.

Our product names include thickness (e.g., DPM-7.7 = 7.7 mils). PFX-7.7, SFX-6.3, SFX-8.3 and DPM-15.5 are unique to Durómeda, LLC. You won’t find similar products anywhere else on the web.

If you’re nailing or stapling the product use SFX and its unrivaled notched tear strength. DPM and PFX products, when nicked, will propagate a tear fairly easily. This is also true for all other laser printable synthetic papers supplied by our competitors. You can sew SFX into things like mattresses, for example.  SFX is also great for runner’s numbers that are pinned on.  It’s not as stiff as DPM and PFX so its softer “hand” won’t make as much noise jostling in the wind and it won’t tear if you nick it with the safety pin.

If you’re punching a hole in it to attach a tag to an article we recommend SFX because, again, even the slightest nick will propagate a tear if you use DPM or PFX.

DPM-7.7 is the most popular product fitting majority of applications. DPM-4.7, DPM-5.7 and DPM-10.0 are the same design at different thickness.

PFX-7.7 is a great value at that thickness but it is water resistant, not waterproof.  It has a paper core surrounded by outer layers of clear polyester film. PFX will resist accidental liquid spills and like all of our products has great tear resistance. Do NOT use PFX in applications that are submerged in water.

While our products will run on the majority of laser printers using “Transparency”, “Medium Wt Paper”, “Heavy Paper”, or “Vinyl” settings we recommend Oki-Data’s new C931 for our DPM-15.5.  PFX-7 can “blister” at very high heats so if you see this happening move down to lower heat settings (e.g., from “Heavy Paper” to “Medium Paper”, etc.).

We are constantly testing products on a variety of printers both older models and new releases.  Look for information on the site soon detailing these results.

Now that you have a basic understanding of our products please refer to the various “Application & Usage References” in the drop down menu to see which products are best suited for your particular application. For most applications we recommend several products depending on what your needs are in terms of stiffness, opacity, tear resistance, cost, etc. 

We will be introducing die-cut sheets for specific applications in the near future.  In the meantime, please let us know what templates you would like to see us offer by using the reply form.

We recommend you get acquainted with our synthetic papers by purchasing the “Durómeda Starter Kits.” Starter Kit 1 contains 10 sheets each of DPM-4.7, DPM-5.7, DPM-7.7, PFX-7.7 and SFX-6.3. Starter Kit 2 contains 10 sheets each of DPM-5.7, DPM-7.7, DPM-10.0, PFX-7.7, and SFX-8.3.

All products can be offset or flexo printed as supplied, then laser imaged in un-printed areas.

All products can be supplied with HP Indigo top-coating by special order.

All products are available in rolls by special order.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions at all!  We would love hearing from you as to what you think of our products along with what other products you would like us to carry.              


Team Durómeda